February 1, 2019

My Laptop: The ThinkPad W520

I spent the better part of 4 years using MacBooks as my daily laptop. Starting in 2009 with a white MacBook that I was given by my parents as a graduation gift. I thought I was the coolest kid in the world. I loved that thing. I customized the heck out of it, and I used it all the time. I was a photographer and photographers used MacBooks. Fast forward a few years to 2012 and I upgraded to a late 2011 MacBook Pro. Read more

January 31, 2019

Keyboard - Tada68

So I’ve tried many mechanical keyboards in my few short years in the hobby. I’ve tried fullsized, tenkeyless, 65%, 60%, and even 40% and I must say, 65% – for me at least – is the sweet spot. It saves a ton of space on my desk, while also having many of the keys I use the most right on the main layer. Size: 65% Case: High Profile Aluminum, KBDfans Switches: 65g Zealios, ZealPC Keycaps: Massdrop x MiTo GMK Laser, GMK

January 31, 2019


Hi there I go by many names online, but my real name is Chance. I’m just a nerdy guy who likes tech, mechanical keyboards, and other nerdy things. I’m not really sure where this blog is going to go but it’ll probably have a lot of keyboard related posts. As well as my attempts to learn Python – as well as other languages – and other tech related things. Read more

January 30, 2019


So probably about 4 years ago now I started to really get into mechanical keyboards. And I don’t mean that I bought one and that was that. Like, within a year I’m pretty sure I already owned at least 2 keyboards and a handful of keycaps. That led me to look into other keyboard related things like alternate layouts. Now I had heard of Dvorak from a friend back in high school. Read more

January 29, 2019

Hello World

Hey there! So this is my new blog. I’m not really sure what I’m going to be using this for yet, but hopefully it’s something cool. Probably a lot of keyboard and tech related posts. I guess we will see where this thing goes.

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